Pix, Nix, And Six – August

At the end of each month I am going to share some of my favorite pictures from the month, the things I would nix about living here or that are nixed because I live in Japan and the six things that made me smile and I really enjoyed in the month.



On my visit to Nikko, Japan, I got to see the “hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil monkeys.”

The buildings were  also beautiful at the Tosho-gu Shrine in Nikko.  It was also very hot and humid, thus the fan.

I love a good waterfall! In the mountains above Nikko.

The sunflower festival in Zama City was the first time I had rode my bike off Post.  The sky was so blue and the flowers were amazing.



1.  The heat and humidity.  Though, if I was still in Georgia, I know it would be the same.

2.  The sun is rising by 5 a.m. and setting by a little after 6 in the evening.

3.  Post inprocessing.  This is where I had to run around post to different offices and have them sign a sheet explaining I understood what they could do for me.  Remember nix 1, I was sweating like a crazy person.


Six, in no particular order

1.  Mountains.  I love having mountains to see in the distance again.  Each morning on my ride to work I get to see them in the distance.  Seeing the light shine on them and the clouds move in around the mountains.  It makes me think of my time in Colorado.

The photo isn’t great.  But I love the clouds over the mountains and the Japanese flag.

2.  Meeting new friends.  The great thing when you leave America is people lose that inhabition and you easily make friends, because no one wants to be lonely in a foreign country.  Also we all have something in common, the love of travel and desire to see and experience other cultures.

This is my new friend Julie.  She transferred here from Germany.  She loves animals, I don’t.  But we both like to drink beer and are registered for two different Oktoberfests this fall!

3.  Sushi!  My first full day in country beside helping me get a bike and a train card, my friend Marc (we worked together at Ft. Benning) also took me to the local sushi place.  We Americans call it Sushi Go Round.  Because that is just what it does.  It travels past on a little conveyor belt and we grab the plate we want.  Each plate is a different color and at the end they charge us based on the color and number plates.

Sushi my first day in country with my friend Marc.

4.  Nikko is a town in more mountains.  It has many temples and shrines.  We also took a ride up a mountain road with 43 hair pin turns.  Our bus drivers were amazing!  Once up there we saw 2 beautiful waterfalls and a lake.


5.  Meeting my new students.  I have about 18 on my caseload and a number of them are 9th grade boys!  I’m not at E.A. White, Estes Park Elementary, or Lakeside anymore!

Go! Fight! Win!  Go Trojans!!!

6.  And though number six did not happen in Japan it did happen in August, time with Rand and Donna.  Floating in the Gulf of Mexico with my parents is a wonderful memory. We had the beach to ourselves and we just rolled on the waves.  It was such a nice time after the stress of moving and the paperwork required to get here.  Watching my Mom eat an expensive seafood dinner and saying over and over, “this is so good.”  And life in Japan is also “so good.”


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  1. Pauline

    Carmen, I can’t wait to read and see more! It is indeed super hot and humid here in GA and I was going to ask if it was as bad as this place. Thank you for sharing and just so you know because of you I haven’t lost my faith. Smooches!

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