The Vending Machines

Vending machines are everywhere.  There is no reason to ever be thirsty or dehydrated in Japan.  Unless of course you have no yen in your pocket to buy a much desired or needed drink.

Vending machines can be found on train platforms and outside stores.  Not so unusual, right?  They can also be found on your typical street corner or alley way.  They are hidden in corners and out in the open, they are everywhere.  Imagine a vending machine at the end of your driveway.  Or just down the street at the corner, or the corner of Willmar Avenue and 7th Street.  They are like kids playing hide-n-seek, you never know where one might pop up. 

In addition to selling bottled items, there are whole rooms at wayside rests that sell hot beverages.  One could spend months in the room and still not have tried all of the options.

In the busy and happening area of Tokyo called Shibuya, there is a vending machine that sells Japanese trinkets.  There is also supposedly a machine that sells bananas, though I was unable to find it.  Just like I am still searching for the beer vending machines.  I know they exist and the day I find one will be a good day.

So with all these vending machines, there must be a good number of people that are employed to restock them.  That would be my guess, but to this day I have yet to see one vending machine being restocked.

When purchasing from a vending machine the beverages are all different prices.  Once I start putting money in lights start illuminating below the items that I can now buy.  It is a handy way of not having to keep track of how much I have put in the machine.

When so much of the common currency we use over here is coins, it also means I always have money for that much needed water or really wanted milk, tea or someday the really needed beer.

Some of the many fruity beverages that can be purchased from a vending machine.  The black and white oval under the beverage are the light and button for purchase.

Decisions, decisions.  A Japanese man takes a moment to contemplate the big decision of what to drink.

Hot, hotter, hottest!

For when one is not thirsty.  This vending machine has origami earrings.

An entire meal can be purchased at this group of vending machines.

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  1. Cindy Miller

    Get going and find that beer machine. I wouldn’t have any trouble getting Mark to go on a walk if he knew one of those were down the road. Love hearing your adventures

  2. Beth Havlik

    You make me miss the place! I’ll read your blog and live vicariously through it.
    Keep up the good work. How was Oktoberfest at the New Sanno?

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