Pix, Nix, And Six – September

September went fast on this side of the world.



                                                           Yokohoma, Japan


Shibuya, Japan and the 6-way cross walk.


I nix the fact that I am still living out of two-and-a half suitcases.  Each day my want, need and frustration for my “stuff” grows stronger.

I nix the spiderwebs.  When I leave my apartment each morning, I head up a flight of stairs.  I have to walk with my arms flailing in front of me in order to catch the unseen spiderwebs before they hit my face.


I have a scanner and super-industrial shredder in my classroom.  This makes me smile many days.  Need an extra copy of something for a kid, scan it.  Need to send a worksheet to a co-worker, scan it.  Need to submit a bill for reimbursement, scan it.  So easy, so simple and just makes life easier.

At the beginning of the month, I ended up at an office party for one of the headquarter offices here on base.  It was a karaoke party held at the community club on post.  It is set up like a Japanese karaoke, so I am told.  One of the highlights of the night was my friend ended up doing a duet to Meat Loaf’s dashboard lights song with a very high ranking individual on post.  (She is going to kill me for putting this in here!)  I also rocked my favorite song of all time. . . Footloose!!

Yokohoma Beer Fest was four hours of drinking shot glass samples of beer.  Held in a convention center on the water, it was a great location and a hilarious time.  I would say 60 plus percent of the people there were military and expats.

I took at 12+ hour bus ride down to Iwakuni, Japan with the cross-country team.  Since it was an overnight, the cross-country coach needed a female chaperone.  The kids were so nice and friendly.  It was fun to get to know other students.  In addition, we made a stop at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Garden and Museum.  While we were there, someone defaced the Memorial in protest of the US military flying Osprey planes in Japan again.  We also saw the Osprey while in Iwakuni.  Though Iwakuni is a nice installation, I am very grateful I did not end up there.  It is very “rural,” though there are 500,000 people in the area.

The memorial.

A building that survived the bomb.

The memorial after the vandalism.


The coast.  I am a train ride away form the coast.  It is so nice to see the the Pacific and when I do I think of my family and friends on the other side of the large, vast ocean.  When at the coast for a fundraiser, I saw Mount Fuji for the first time, took my breath away.

I have never lived to this degree the motto “work hard, play hard” until I moved here.  I am working long days filled with lesson plans, meetings, and paperwork.  I am junior class sponsor, prom co-sponsor, teacher rep to PTO and chair of the special education paperwork process.  Then on the weekends, I play hard.  Hop the train and I am gone.  I’ll take this life, though at times it is exhausting and my blood pressure is up, but I’ll take it any day!  I am blessed!

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  1. Beth Havlik

    Carmen, I just downloaded all my photos and after looking at them and reading your blog, I am really missing the place. Sorry to hear that you still don’t have your “stuff”. Seeing the photo of you singing “Footloose” brought back great memories. Keep on living and playing hard. I look forward to your blog each week,

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