Pix, Nix, And Six – October

October was filled with Oktoberfest and Homecoming.  Rainy Sundays and long work days.


I happened upon this demonstration in Tokyo.  These men were balancing these lanterns on their hands, thighs, or even foreheads.

A very cool October Japan sky.

A very large Transformer outside a Tokyo mall.

Mount Fuji

Japanese farm country.  The apples right now are the best I have ever had in my life.


Maggie Smith’s character in Downton Abbey states in season one “What is a weekend?”  This is how I felt at times this month.  I worked three weekends this month and so like the Dowager Countess of Grantham I ended this month asking “What is a weekend?”

I nix that at times I feel like I need a car for work.  Luckily I am stubborn therefore I will not be purchasing a car any time soon.  Besides I need the car money to buy airline tickets!


1.)  I survived homecoming.  ZAHS celebrated homecoming in the middle of the month and as junior class sponsor I had many duties.  The students spent the weekend before decorating the hallways.  Competely covering them to the comic book theme.  Then each day after school we worked on the float for the parade.  All week I was also working on preparations for the semi-formal dance.  By Saturday at midnight I was done.  Exhausted and ready for sleep.

2.)  Mail.  My mail brings me happiness and tears.  The mail brings me my weekly postcards from my Dad (one was a picture of my Mom and I on the beach in swimsuits!!!  Mailed around the world, us in swimsuits!)  In addition I received the following.


The mail brought my new Frye Boots.  I have been wanting a pair for years.

This Owen original painting also arrived in the mail from my best friend Tessa’s son.

3.)  My stuff came.  On a Friday in October I stayed home and three Japanesse delivered my 1,412 pounds of “stuff”.  There on the crates was my name written in my penmanship two months earlier in Columbus, Georgia.  When the little old man in the crew opened one of my 4 foot long clothing boxes there was a shocked “Oh!” that escaped his lips.  I was rather embarrassed by the amount of clothes and accessories I had.  The picture below does not show the true size of the box.

4.) Brother has returned home to American soil.  Peter is back in Minnesota and that makes my heart very happy, if the mustache is gone I am even happier!  Though I surprised my family for his going away party that will not be happening for his homecoming. 🙁


5.)  Three Oktoberfests. . .really I don’t just sit around drinking beer.

                                  The geriatric Oktoberfest!

The one to many beers Oktoberfest.

The very few ExPats  Oktoberfestd.

6.)  My friends.  It is amazing how in such a short time people have become so supportive.  My redheaded co-workers are always there for me at lunch to lift me up and calm me down.  In addition while Pat (left) was at Far East (look for a blog about this topic in February) she allowed me to use her car while she was gone.  Had I not had her car, homecoming week would have been even more tiring and frustrating.  And Adele (middle) will give me a lift to work any time I ask.  There are not many redheads in the world, so I am so blessed to have found my redheaded sisters!

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  1. Cindy Miller

    It sounds like to are having a wonderful experience. It’s great to have such lovely redheaded friends. Isn’t my grandson an amazing artist. We adore that little guy.

  2. Beth Havlik

    thanks for the update. I miss your ready laugh ….and your red hair. glad to hear the your “stuff” finally showed. I know that was wearing on you.
    Keep the blogs and pix coming….it takes me back.:) Miss you all.

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