Pix, Nix, And Six-November

November has brought some chilly days and fun nights!  The leaves are finally changing and fall is here.


Another shot of Yokohoma.  This was an hour before an earthquake happened out in the bay.  I was walking at the time and I didn’t even feel it.

In November the Japanese have a celebration for children that are 3, 5, and 7.  They dress up and take them to the local Shrine.  This little girl was out in Shinjuku with her parents on a very rainy day.


I nix the fact that the Japanesse seem to eat lots of starches and yet are still such little people.


1.)  I went on an overnight trip to Hatsushima Island.  It was a small island and we stayed in a permanently stationed camper.  Seafood and veggies were delivered and we cooked them outside on the grill.

The plate of seafood.  Lobster, squid, fish with the eyes still in them, and some chicken!


Cooking time!  It was a rainy night to end a rainy day.

From the top of the lighthouse.  Too cloudy to see Mt. Fuji.

Day two was sunny and beautiful.

I laid in a hammock in this tropical area and had a long chat with my Dad on the phone.

A Shrine on the island.

A man works on his fishing nets.

2.)  I set a goal for myself professionally this year to collect more data on my students performance.  Then use the data to plan my instruction.

This is one end of what was a really large bulletin board in my classroom.  That board is gone and now I have a big, beautiful smartboard!!!!  This board shows the process one student went through writing a paragraph about sharks.

3.)  I know this one is going to get some groans.  Breaking Dawn Part 2 came out.  Really I don’t think I need to say much more.  In the five years they have been coming out, I saw four of the five movies while calling a different state, or now country, home.

My friend Pat and I had a great time at the show.  It was a ladies only showing and it was a pretty vocal crowd.  Really the last time I can wear that shirt, it says “Forks Washington, Love at First Bite.”

4.) Shinjuku!  Time Square on steroids.  I went twice in November.  The first time was for the Cook Festival but it was raining, so we ate and then headed towards home.  The second time was for a day of shopping with the girls.

5.)  Random fun with friends.

We went to a dive of a restaurant, just my style and cooked our food on these paint buckets size grills with hot coals.

John and James are making some Korean candy.  It involves corn starch so I can’t handle it.  I hate the texture, feel of corn starch.

Lunch and the sunset over the Pacific on a beautiful Sunday with friends.

6.)  November brought about just how important and what a large part technology plays in my life overseas.  The internet kept me posted on a happy Wednesday when I watched numbers go up and up until finally I could breath easy as Obama won reelection.  Technology and the fabulous West Central Tribune website kept me informed that Minnesotans stayed nice and voted No to the Marriage Amendment!

Skype, text free, and Magic Jack the technology that allows me to stay in contact with all of you that are reading this blog.  After more than three months, I finally used Skype this month with my parents.  I teared up when I saw them.  I am so happy to be here but I do love and miss you all back home.  Sending hugs, kisses, love and blessings as we enter the holiday season.



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  1. Bonnie Anderson

    I dont know if you remember me from camp,I worked as food service dir. I love reading your art. you are doing a wonderful job filling us in on your life there.take care bonnie

    1. Carmen Middleton

      Of course I remember you. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you are doing well. Merry Christmas. Carmen

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