Pix, Nix, And Six – December


Dinner with our new English teacher.  He is on the far right looking at his iPhone, he had just gotten it and was in the first days addiction.

Found this inside a book in the swap section of the post library.

Learning how to make a rice ball at a local Japanese school event.


A horrible thing almost happened this month, when I thought for a time that there was no almond bark to be had in the commissary.  I had a call planned home to have my parents overnight me my chocolate almond bark because … hello?  it is not Christmas without my peanut butter balls.  So I nix that at times the ease of getting whatever I need when ever I want is a trade I made to live overseas.

Along the same line, gosh, I miss shopping.  Some of you may or may not be aware that I like to shop, just a little, here and there when there is time!  Needless to say, I am not a Japanese-size women and therefore there is just no shopping to satisfy my habit.


1.)  Baking, baking, and baking on a windy Saturday.  Sadly, we did not take one picture.  My friend Pat and I spent 7+ hours at school in the home economics room baking and dipping.  I made four batches of peanut butter Reese cup cookies, three batches of peanut butter balls, two batches of brownie bites with Rolos, and a partridge in a pear tree.  Though I have no pictures, the smiles from friends and the appreciation from Japanese people made for great memories.

2.)  My parents and I have Skyped a couple times and in a conversation this month my father was asking if Skype would work while I was in Vietnam (which it did).  My mother on the other hand says, “Oh, it’s her vacation, she doesn’t need to be calling.”  Seriously, I must have the only mother in the world who says I don’t have to call on Christmas even though I am in a distant land.

This was gift opening via Skype before I left for Vietnam.

3.)  A Japanese Christmas festival.  It was chilly.  I ate too much food, but it was fun to get in the holiday mood.

4-6.)  An amazing solo journey to Vietnam.  In a future blog, I will share my trip to Vietnam with many pictures.