Pix, Nix, Six-February


Dinner at one of my favorite places with co-workers.


1.)  I miss the sun.

2.)  I don’t realize I might be a bit homesick till I get mail and break into tears.  Or realize that once again I am talking about my parents or friends back home again.


1.)  Sumo Wrestling was. . .interesting.  Remember the research that came out a year or so ago about football only being in play 11 minutes total in a game.  Sumo is about the same.  Six plus hours of Sumo and only about 6 minutes of actual wrestling.

2.)  Out of the city and into the mountains.  January was the snow monkeys.  This month it was the snow monsters.  The trees are covered with snow that has blown on them and hardened.  It was so cold and windy up at the top that I felt like a wimpy Minnesotan.  More painful than falling skiing and the bitter wind chill was the fact that I walked smack into a glass door.

3.)  Skiing.  Well I tried it.  Took a pretty bad fall the first time.  Better the second.  I just kept saying “pizza” over and over to remind myself to keep my skies like a slice of pizza.  Thank you Karen for your patience and wonderful teaching!

4.)  Karen’s Personal Princess Half Marathon.  Our librarian came on board after the school year had started and she had had plans to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon with friends in February.  Karen decided to keep training and just go out one day and run 13.1.  As someone who has run 13.1 more then once, I couldn’t just let her do that with no fanfare.  So a group of us stood in the park on post and she ran past 5 times.  Each time we had signs and we yelled and wore silly little things.  It was all fun and silly.  Complete with confetti, a homemade medal, and as she broke through the pink tinsel rope, a van came up behind her with the general of all of the Army in Japan.  What can I say, I pulled out all the stops for this half marathon!

5.)  I really enjoy my kids.  They are so much fun and make me laugh.  I have a math class of all girls and we sure have fun.  We talk a bit too much and sometimes we take a break and watch Justin Beiber on Youtube.

6.)  I had the yummy sesame balls filled with a pork meat ball and delicious broth in Machida for the first time.