Pix, Nix, And Six-March


A Sunday at the Hard Rock Tokyo to see Catherine the school counselors husband’s band play.
Saw these cute guys walking to a game. You can just maybe make out the jersey. TWINS!!


I just like this silly picture taken in Shinjuku with two fabulous English teachers.


1.  Having to change my address with people and companies.  My mailing address has changed if you want it, let me know.

2.  I am really struggling to get to spring break.  It can not get here fast enough.

3.  Apparently teenagers today are not able to do anything without an earbud in one ear at all times.  They live their lives with a constant soundtrack.


1.  World Baseball Classic

Looks like the dome.
There are great signs all over this country. Just in case you were unaware that a baseball can come at you while at a baseball game.
They have hot dogs. Just different toppings.


When you enter the stadium they will pour your bottled drinks into a cup.

2.  Basket Auction

The spouses association on post held a basket auction to raise funds for scholarships.  It was a really fun evening, though I got a bit carried away.  I tried real hard to win a tour on the Navy carrier the George Washington.  No luck.  I did end up with a fabulous new piece of furniture and I will be going with a group of teachers up to Eagles Nest for a progressive dinner at the top ranking officials houses.

3.  St. Patrick’s Day

I finally made it to Harajuku for my first time.  What fun.  I also found what I think is the best bar in Tokyo.  The Lawson convenience store.  Seriously.  Buy some beer and then there are some little railings protecting the plants, sit down and watch the crowds pass by.  On this particular day there was also a parade for the Irish, really I think I should be in the parade next year.  I definitely look more Irish than many of the people in the parade.

Aren’t they the most Irish looking Japanese kids you have every seen?


4.  The third week of March brought wonderful meals.  I started Tuesday with my friend Julie.  We ate Korean at a restaurant outside the gate, but better than that we wandered around and found some news shops and food stands that I am embarrassed I had not found earlier.

Wednesday brought a car ride (it is always fun to go out the gate and ride in a car).  My friend Pat and I hit up a 100 yen shop and then went to O.M.G. Burgers which is sadly closing at the end of the month.

That’s right Minnesota–represent!

Thursday brought me back to one of the places that Julie and I found on Tuesday.  I had a walking meal of chicken skin on a stick and fried spring rolls with my friend John.  It was a small meal, though high in calories from what I just found myself typing in the above line!  It was also a great way to get a quick bite to eat after my run and catch up with a friend.

Friday brought

First, please note how cute Feonia my bike looks to the left. This is also a new find and a great place to get my veggies and fruits.


Saturday brought leftover grilling and then a brat for dinner at my co-worker Jay’s home.  Jay is from Wisconsin and well just so kind and nice because he is from the border so he is practically a Minnesotan.

And then there was Sunday.  I ended up in Tokyo at Two Rooms.  With a killer view and amazing food.  I was invited for a birthday brunch by a women I met on ski trip to Zao in February.

Yes that is water up on the deck. Up in the sky. So fancy–for a girl from Willmar.


A shared dessert. I really liked the lavender and rosemary infused ice cream.

5. I have found my second favorite time of year in Japan next to Oktoberfest season.  CHERRY BLOSSOMS!  They are amazing.  Breath taking and just smile making.  One day they just popped and there they were in front of my morning view of the mountains on my way to work.  Now I live in fear of anticipation because soon they will be gone.  They will blow off like snow from trees and it will be 12 months till I see them again.

When the cherry blossoms bloom they report it on the news, like the weather guys back home tell us about fall colors. The Japanese take blue tarps put them under the tress and hanami. Meaning they drink and eat under the trees.



6.  I have thanked my new friends many times in this blog.  Though it is always the girlfriends in my life I am thanking.  Number six this month is my guy friends.  Who consoled me on the curb outside of a Lawson more then once.  Who will jump on a train on a random Sunday to try somewhere new and who always, always make me laugh, reminding me of the Golden Rule.


Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my blog.  I really appreciate all the kind messages you leave for me each month.  Thanks for reading and I will keep sharing.