Valentine's Day calligraphy writing

My Own Kind Of Love Letter

Disclaimer:  This post has not been edited by my editorial team.  This post does not deal with life in Japan.  This post has no pictures.  This post took courage to post, but I hope it makes you smile or think about all of the love you have in your life.  Happy Valentine’s Day! Maybe I’ve…
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Pix, Nix, And Six-March

Pix   Nix 1.  Having to change my address with people and companies.  My mailing address has changed if you want it, let me know. 2.  I am really struggling to get to spring break.  It can not get here fast enough. 3.  Apparently teenagers today are not able to do anything without an earbud…
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Pix, Nix, Six-February

Pix Nix 1.)  I miss the sun. 2.)  I don’t realize I might be a bit homesick till I get mail and break into tears.  Or realize that once again I am talking about my parents or friends back home again. Six 1.)  Sumo Wrestling was. . .interesting.  Remember the research that came out a…
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Pix, Nix, And Six-January

PIX   NIX I’m getting rather annoyed with having to constantly carry two currencies.  I know, poor me.  I always seem to have yen when I need dollars and dollars when I need yen.  And don’t even get me started on the change. SIX 1.)  We had a snow day in Japan!  The morning started…
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I write this blog to keep my mom and aunt Geri happy.  I also write this blog in anticipation of my eventual fall into forgetfulness and dementia.  So I am going to do a year in review so that one day far, far in the future (I hope far), I can look back at this…
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